Website for the young jet set

Ecommerce and brand positioning

Having created the yoyo skincare brand, our priority roll out delivereable was an ecommerce website.

Unlike an established brand where websites are usually presented as an extension of the retail experience aimed at selling product, it was important for us to also build a brand and educate our audiences on the importance of starting healthy skin care routines from an early age. The site also had to appeal to both product users who were in the 12 to 16 year old age range, and the product purchaser whose profile fits that of a parent or adult family member or friend. The site also had to act as a communications tool for potential investors and stockists.

Our site was one of the first ecommerce sites in the UK to use a parallax scroll technique to create an illusion of depth by moving multiple layers of images at different speed – a trend started by Nike.

We also incorporated a clever social media strategy to engage the 'tweenager' audience, part of which was an Instagram feed where they could take photos and selfies performing a yoyo pose called a 'YO' where a person makes the 'Y' shape in human form as depicted in the brand photography.

Read more about this exciting brand on the thinkerdoer designed yoyo website. 

See the full case study for this project in the 'work' section of the thinkerdoer website.

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