Packed with protection

GoJabs brand and website

With exotic and different destinations becoming ever more accessible it’s essential people understand the need to be properly prepared for international travel.

Working with Novartis Vaccines, thinkerdoer created a new brand called Go Jabs. The pilot brand is being rolled out on high streets across the country with the aim of making travel vaccines much easier to get hold of without the need to go through a GP.

An online consultation website is a fast pathway to guide travellers through personalised travel health protection to help them better understand risks and dangers. Appointments can then be made to get the vaccines required at a Go Jabs partner clinic – a process that usually takes just 25 minutes.

thinkerdoer came up with everything from the name, brand messaging, visual definition and style guidelines, website, advertising and marketing materials.

brand strategy and positioning / brand definition and identity creation / brand implementation / naming / logo development / websites and online presence / marketing collateral / advertising