hVIVO website

On-line and on-brand

As part of the complete rebranding of Retroscreen Virologyto hVIVO, thinkerdoer was commissioned to provide creative consultancy for the new hVIVO website. This included bench marking and content recommendations; analysis of competitor corporate websites for look and feel, content, audience profile and focus. We clarified the key and second level audiences and advised on tailoring appropriate content balance towards them. Our recommendations also included outlining the overall content structure to be used as a basis for site mapping and user experience and journeys to be implemented by Retroscreen’s team of web developers.

thinkerdoer's expertise in the the biotech, lifesciences and healthcare sectors, along with our excellence in producing communications targeted at key audiences added value to the website planning and design process, allowing hVIVO to use suppliers, who while capable in programming and code, may have otherwise struggled to deliver the company's investor messages.

The final product, built using thinkerdoer's extensive 'visual definition and style guidelines' corporate identity manual that details how to produce all creative output for the hVIVO brand (and also has a dedicated section for digital and online application), is a successful project and reflects the time and work we all invested.

See the website here.

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