Enabling gene and cell therapy success

Product branding

Oxford BioMedica's lentiviral delivery system, LentiVector is a core component in the Novartis Kymriah treatment – the first ever FDA approved CAR-T cell therapy.

Kymriah is a breakthrough immunocellular therapy for children and young adults up to 25 years of age suffering from blood cancer. In fact, results from the trials showed 83% of patients who received treatment with Kymriah achieved complete remission.

LentiVector is the technology used to enable this pioneering treatment to work, and is currently used in other pipeline treatment candidates withing Oxford BioMedica's own portfolio and also partner products as the race to develop these next generation treatment hots up.

thinkerdoer were asked by Oxford BioMedica to help raise the visibility of LentiVector. We moved it from being a name for the technology towards a brand – taking inspiration from Intel's brand masterclass 'Intel inside'. LentiVector works in a very similar way to the Intel chip which became a must have for consumers buying computers in the 1990s with a PC wearing an Intel inside badge percieved as better than the rest. LentiVector being the first FDA approved lentiviral technology creates an advantage for Oxford BioMedica's partners as they look to get their clinical development products to market.

We created the a logo for LentiVector and added the differentiator 'LentiVector enabled' to help promote the technology as one that makes gene and cell therapy work. The new product brand has been incorporated into the existing brand identity and is being pushed alsongside the Oxford BioMedica brand wherever there is opportunity.


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