Because we are all unique

Horizon Discovery plc / annual reporting / UK

Horizon Discovery came to thinkerdoer to produce their annual reports following an AIM record $113 million IPO. Our job was not only to help guide though the process of producing a FTSE listed company annual report, but to communicate their vision and strategy to achieve it to investors and other target audiences.

A world of possibilities for drugs targeting specific segments of the population has opened up. Under the ‘one size fits all’ model, drugs which would not have been developed due to being suitable in a limited patient population now have the potential to be attractive to pharmaceutical companies. Horizon is uniquely positioned to support this revolution, for the benefits of patients, drug developers and payors, and to capitalise on such opportunities throughout the industry.

The story 'because we are all unique' articulated Horizon's position at the forefront of the personalised medicine revolution and how it affects all of us.